Friday, December 18, 2009

I m winner !!!!iiiii

It was the bright sunny day on February 28 and I was going home in the afternoon for lunch from my office. On the way I saw a milk man carrying loads of milk cans on his bike. And then suddenly I thought of recording. I stopped the bike and took the mobile out and started recording in the mean while I saw some policeman standing there on the road but they did not objected and try to stop that man. They were so busy in themselves that they did not take any action against him and let that man go. So I did there recording too. After coming home I sent that video to India TV for their program alert viewer.

After 2-3 days when I was at home and talking to my friend suddenly I heard my name on TV. The program alert viewer was going on and my video was being selected and was telecasted on India TV. And then I heard that I have won 21 inch color TV and DVD player from Videocon. It was really  auspicious moment…. for one sec I dint believe, that I have won the prize but when I saw the video it confirmed me that this Mitesh was me….and I and my family was very happy…
Next month in April on 4th I got a call I picked up and she told me that I am Sheetal (India TV executive) calling from India TV. She told me “Mitesh congratulations! Your video has been selected as monthly video on alert viewer and you have won 40 inch LCD tv from Videocon.”  My family was happy and told me that this is your lucky day. It was good news for me… But in real I wasn’t too happy because that was the first day when I had an augment with my Bosssss.